Go To Stucco

Cody & his crew from Hiestands Plastering showed up and set up scaffolding in preparation for our exterior stucco. There is a lot of prep work involved, including taping off the windows and applying a base coat with a fiberglass mesh.Even with just the base coat, the exterior is looking great.  Just wait till you see the color stucco we picked.  Unfortunately there is a big rainstorm on its way so the stucco guys will have to return to finish when we get a dry spell in the weather….Stay tuned.

Curb Appeal

In preparation for the exterior stucco, we need to create a sloped curb at the base of the footings. (for drainage)  This is requiring a lot of mortar but we were able to take up some of the “space” with bricks.Now we have a nice sloping curb on the three exposed sides of our house. We are ready for the Stucco guys now.   The Stucco will extend down the wall and over the curb. For the time being, the steel arches will remain exposed.  So Jeff braved the ladder and painted them. Unfortunately this is the last big project that I can work on for a while.  I have suffered a shoulder injury which will take months to heal.  So I can’t really do any heavy work that requires the use of my right arm. Fortunately, our guest accommodations are ready (enough) for visitors.  In fact we have had two already.

First Flush

With much of the plastering done in the master bathroom (and paint) we were able to set up some “temporary” fixtures.We now have a serviceable second bathroom  for us to use so when guests come to visit, they will have their own bathroom.  And since my son Beckett, visiting from Alaska is our first official guest, he got the honors of the first flush.And while he was here, Beckett lent a hand with one of our other projects.  Getting the exterior walls ready for Stucco. Moving bricks and applying sticky stuff to make new mortar stick to old concrete.  (More about this in the next post.)

Lets Get Plastered

Before we start on the tile work in the master bathroom, we wanted to get the messy stuff out of the way. And with that done…..We could install the door.  Now for some temporary fixtures….And we have a working bathroom! Well sort of.  The toilet ended up being defective so we will have to replace it next week.  The floor and the wall behind the fixtures will eventually be covered in beautiful porcelain tile.

Now for a little break from indoor work to enjoy some of our great outdoors.A delightful paddle up the slough that goes through our property.

Top – Side

With the bathroom plumbing roughed in, (you can see the PEX lines going to the shower in the picture above), we can now start closing in the ceiling and walls.The last piece of the ceiling puzzle. This was a challenge because of the multiple angles and curves involved in the shape of our bathroom.Now on to the walls.  But first, Jeff installed soundproofing insulation.

Getting the holes just right for wall penetrations, (outlets, pipes and such), usually takes a lot of careful measuring.  Or this clever trick with a Q-tip and some paint.  A little dab around the edges, press the wall board up against it,

And Voila!

Shower Power

We now have our rough-in electrical done for the master bathroom.This includes the light and vent fan switch locations and outlets. The vent fan is installed in the ceiling. There will be an outlet underneath the sink for a future recirculating pump that will assure instant hot water without wasting water to get it to the fixtures.  Also we will have electric under floor heat. (under the tile).  The Plumber will be coming this thursday to run PEX tubing to where the sink, toilet and shower fixtures will be.Here you can see that the shower is all framed in.  There will also be a bench behind where Jeff is standing.

7/23/24 Update:  After a visit from our friends at Radar Plumbing, we now have all the PEX lines connected to their respective bathroom fixture valves.

In Doors and Outdoors

After numerous coats of Shellac stain, we installed the door to our master bedroom.  Below, we have framed in the “doorway” to the walk-in, walk outdoors shower.  And speaking of outdoors,  we are starting to prepare for external stucco.There are two layers of 1 inch foam on the outside of our retaining walls.  The outer layer, which has been exposed to the elements for several years now, has been held on with rusty wire and lath boards.  Removing all that gives us a layer of “fresh” foam that is well stuck to the concrete underneath.  Here Jeff is meticulously cutting off all the bits of rusty wire.  It is on this inner layer of foam that the stucco will be applied to (over a fiberglass mesh).  It’s exciting to get started on this part of our home project.

Firewood Tic Tac Toe

With the second half of our metal shed in place, it was time to get it ready to hold firewood.   First we added some more metal panels to close off the sides. (and eventually the back) Then we added a bed of sand to give us a nice level base.A couple of years ago, I got an amazing deal on these really cool industrial pavers.  These will allow for our firewood to be stored off the ground and the holes will allow for drainage.The big plastic tote in the center will hold kindling.  We will have two “seasons” worth of firewood stored alternating between the “dry” side and the “next year’s” wood side.  The shed will have walls in the front with a center entry.  Jeff can’t wait to start filling it up with firewood.

Shed Mitosis (or is that Meiosis)

Now that we no longer need our 20 foot metal shed to store lumber (milled from our own trees), we thought we would double the usefulness of that big shed.

With the help of a counter-rotating metal cutting circular saw, and of course, Dozy.The first half nearly in place behind our pump house.  This will become Dozy’s new home and a covered workspace.  We will end up putting up a solid back and a large door on the front.  The other half of the big shed will get moved to the west side of our building site (near the septic tank), to become our firewood storage.

Here I am pulling the second half of the shed over to where it will become our firewood storage.  Unfortunately, Dozy broke down before we got it into place and will be a couple of weeks before Dozy is up and running again. :-(