Great Rings of Fire

We finally got some warm, sunny, clear weather.  It was the perfect time to build a chimney.  We will have a wood stove in our house and the chimney must go up through the roof, as well as about 3 feet of earth above that.  pastedGraphic.pdf




Don from Ridell pastedGraphic_1.pdfSheet Metal made a metal tube which will act as an inside form for the concrete.  It is sized to allow airspace around the stove pipe that will go through the “roof.”


I then needed to create a rebar cage to go around it.  First I made a jig to weld rebar rings all at a consistent size. (Those old highway signs keep on being so useful)  It was fun working with the welder again.


Now it was time to get all the parts: tube, rings and a purchased stovepipe base support, up on top of our structure.




With the tube secure, plumb and level, it was time to attach the rebar.


I welded the first couple of rings to the vertical supports to make sure everything was going to be secure.






When we are ready to spray the concrete shell, another round form, 8 inches larger in diameter will be place over the top.  Concrete will be poured between the forms to create a 4 inch thick “tube” that will be integral to the shell.


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