Arch d’ Triumph

More preparations this weekend  On the back side of the North wall, we attached a board to the curved arch to create a 4 inch lip for the concrete to extend to.  It was a bit of a challenge to get the board to bend but with a couple of clamps and lots of screws, we made it.




We also had a visit from our good friend Jody “the tree guy”  There were two


Spruce trees that needed to be cut down and they were much bigger than I felt comfortable dealing with.






It was sad to see these trees go as they were over 65 years old.  We will try to honor their presence by having them milled into usable lumber for a future building project.  Thanks Jody, once again for coming to our rescue.


On an unrelated note,  I managed to move our washer and dryer into the old “Veggie Shack”  We no longer have a truck that runs on used fryer oil so didn’t need the space to store and process the oil.  The washer and dryer had been under a lean-to roof, outside of our big shed.  Doing the laundry in the rain was always an unpleasant task.  Now we have a bona fide laundry room.


My mother would be proud, plus the greywater from the washer will help water our orchard.




2 thoughts on “Arch d’ Triumph

  1. A veggie truck! You guys are becoming some of my heroes! Did I mention that I have a dragonfly tattoo? the name of your building project got my attention and I am so glad that I found it because it is like a tutorial for I am going to be doing soon!

  2. We’re planning a dwarf orchard too…
    All pretty common for permaculturing in MI, but folks act like we are doing something strange by planting native trees! Ha!

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