Dumpy, Dozy & Sasquatch

Beckett and his friend pastedGraphic.pdfJoe stopped by to check on the progress of our building.  After doing a little climbing on the rebar, I gave them a ride in Dumpy, our motorized wheelbarrow.  The whole time they were singing “We love you Dumpy” as we were zipping around and  spinning on a dime.  It was a lot of fun.


Earlier in the day, I spent some time honing my welding skills.  I had a pile of scrap metal and decided to make a box scraper for Dozy.  We borrowed one when we first started work on the property.  It was a great tool to help level the site but at 6 feet wide, was a bit much for Dozy to handle.




Our bulldozer is only 4 feet wide. I wanted to make a box scraper that was pastedGraphic_2.pdfmore “Dozy Sized” so I designed one that is 54” wide and attaches to Dozy’s scarifier bar.


If there are any welders out there, don’t look too closely.  My weld joints are not really pretty as I’m still learning the delicate balance between wire speed and the different settings on my Mig welder.  Still, I am very pleased with the outcome and now have a handy addition to our earth-moving arsenal.  Plus we didn’t have to spend $500  to buy one.


Now for the big exciting news.  For those of you who were wondering if Big Foot, Yeti or Sasquatch really exist, we have proof.  Coming up to the building site in the morning, we discovered this footprint on our concrete floor.  You can see in the photo below the size of it compared to Jeff’s foot.  Too bad it didn’t happen when our concrete was still wet.  What an impression that would have left. I guess this is one reason we moved “out to the country”, to commune with nature and the wildlife that abounds.




Actual photo!


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