Dozy & Goliath

The Weather Gods must have heard my rant yesterday about all the rain because today we were blessed with a beautifully clear and sunny day.  Wanting to take advantage of that, Jeff and I rushed up the hill to finish preparing the bed for our water tank.  This involved carting up several more loads of sand, spreading and tamping, and adding some retaining wall boards on the back side of the pad.  It was then time to get the 1550 gallon tank up the hill.  Always ready to take advantage of a little mechanical help, we fastened the tank to the front end of Dozy.  It looked rather comical with the much larger tank overshadowing Dozy.




The challenge was that I couldn’t see where I was going because the tank was so big.  We enlisted the help of Beckett, Karen & Meredith, who along with Jeff, acted as spotters so I could safely navigate up the steep track to the placement site.




Meredith & Jeff ready to help unload the tank.






All set!  Now we need to run several hundred feet of pipe from the well.  This will have to get this done before the concrete crew comes to spray the shell as they will need an available supply of water.






Afterwards, Beckett took a celebratory ride in Dozy’s Bucket.

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Way cool Steve!
Sunday, June 6, 2010 – 09:44 PM


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