A long line of Helping Hands

It’s starting to feel like Summer might be here.  The day started out a little foggy and still but then the Sun came out and was glorious.  Now that we have our new big tank in place up the hill, pastedGraphic.pdfit is time to run the water lines from the well (at the very bottom). ≈ Zachary and Aaron came by to lend a hand hauling the pipes up through the woods to the tank.  We had to get nearly 300 feet of both 1 1/2” and 3/4” pipe up to the tank.  The larger diameter pipe will cary the water up from the well to the tank while the 3/4” pipe will bring water (gravity feed) back down to the trailer.  The guys taped two pipes together to make it easier to pull up “as one.”  It took the effort of all four of us to get the pipe up the steep slope to the tank.  Thanks Guys!


With that task done, we took a break, and the guys had a bit of fun driving Dumpy. It’s not as easy as you might think to drive but sure fun to ride in.




Now back to work with another important task.  The cupola needed to have a cap to prevent concrete from falling in through the hole and also a lip for it to stop.




I designed the cupola pastedGraphic_3.pdfto have a custom skylight which I will build.  Stainless steel bolts held in place by this temporary cap will be embedded in the concrete.  These bolts will then be used to secure the skylight.


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