Please Release Me



Today we removed the remaining concrete forms around the perimeter of the three big retaining wall arches.


Jeff made the comment that we seem to have built more parts to this house that we later tear down, than the whole structure itself.


David stopped by with his plasma cutter and removed the section of arched steel I-Beam that came through the center of the North entrance.  This part of the steel support was there to help keep the shape of the curve for the concrete but needed to be cut out afterwards.




We left a bit sticking down, (something sturdy to hang the mistletoe from?) but will probably cut it flush with the shell once all the foam is removed. It was amazing how much the space opened up without that extra steel.


The other big task for the day was to start removing the two layers of 1 inch foam board.pastedGraphic_3.pdf




The first layer of foam was removed and in the sections adjoining the South, East & West openings, we removed the second layer next to the concrete.  This was no easy task as the foam was stuck to the concrete and took a lot of scraping to get it off. Thank you Jody, David, Meredith, Therese,  Jennifer, Matt, Dave, Nolle, Karen and Beckett for all your help, especially with the cleanup. Beckett practiced karate on some of the foam board so it would fit better in the bags.




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