Here’s a holiday quiz. If you have a 12 foot high ceiling, how tall of a Christmas tree can you have?




This weekend, Karen, Meredith & Beckett stopped by to find out (and to have some of my famous Polenta Pizza).

We found the perfect Douglas Fir just a few feet from our front patio area.  It was starting to block the view so now was time to cut it down.

The tree was actually much taller than our ceiling so we trimmed a bit off the top and the bottom for just the perfect fit.




Good thing we have such a large sliding glass (window). It would have been tough to squeeze this through the door.


The tree fits in our living room area quite nicely.  Add a few lights and voila!


We already have next years Christmas Tree picked out and we are going to start grooming other trees on our property for future picks.


why is Jef trying to cut off your leg???????
Monday, December 5, 2011 – 03:12 PM
actually, that’s meredith, and she’s jealous that steve is taller than she is and is trying to make him shorter!
Monday, December 5, 2011 – 07:39 PM
Beautiful tree, beautiful view, and furniture….inside!  Enjoy the holidays! Sue and zoo
Thursday, December 22, 2011 – 07:53 PM

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