A Hole in the Wall

It was very exciting to start laying out interior walls this weekend.   The main wall between the kitchen and guest bathroom was a bit of a challenge as there are 6 different pipes and conduit coming up through the floor into the wall. I had to make a template to get all the holes in the right place.  On Friday, Jeff and I headed to the Valley to check out bathtubs.  We needed to pick one out so we would know what the rough-in space needed to be.  We found a gorgeous soaking tub that is long enough for Jeff to lay in comfortably.  This is what we based our wall dimensions on.


In this picture you can see that the wall takes an interesting bend.  That’s where the bathtub ends and the bedroom starts. pastedGraphic_1.pdfThe white pipes are part of our air exchange system and have to be placed inside our walls. This picture on the right shows the copper pipes that go up through the North wall cavity and then exit through the concrete shell.  This is for our future solar hot water heater. We also placed electrical conduit up through this wall for potential solar and/or wind power.

As Winter progresses and there is less that we can do outside, it will be fun to get working on the interior elements.

We love to get comments about our project on our blog but you are also encouraged to send any comments taped to the side of a Hydro Systems Inc, Model 66-32 “Sydney” soaking tub with seamless front apron, side and back tile flange, right hand drain with the optional Thermal-Air bubble massage system and heated back.



I think that tub would be a nice X Mass present……hmmm    Ok , I’ll do it……MERRY CHRISTMAS!! send me the bill…ok?  Love you both and soo very proud of your determination and “CAN DO” SPIRIT…….keep up the good work and think of me every time you take a bath….rubb-a-dubb dubb….call me…Dennis….
Saturday, December 17, 2011 – 08:04 AM
Dennis – We’ll get dirty just for you! Merry Christmas back at ya!
Monday, December 19, 2011 – 04:17 PM
Dennis just found out how much this tub costs. Even Santa is not that generous. Thanks for the sentiment though.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 – 01:24 PM
N in CA
Perhaps some of your friends will get together and start a tub fund for you.  That’s why God invented PayPal.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 – 06:34 PM
Or we could get a card game going for big stakes. Call it bathtub gin…rummy.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 – 06:48 PM

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