Dragonfly Hill?

No, but a similar earth sheltered home pastedGraphic.pdf

built by our friends Nigel & Lorraine in Dixon, California.  I went down there for a quick visit and to see up-close some of the waterproofing and finishing details that we will be dealing with on our structure. We stayed up late eating fresh Kumo oysters that I brought from Oregon Oyster Farm and chatting about our homes and the building process.  I spent the night in their beautiful home.  It was such a warm and nurturing space, just as I expect our home will feel like when we move in.


Nigel and Lorraine chose to plaster the walls with American Clay.  It is a beautiful contrast to the stark lines of the steel.  This is the same effect that we will be doing in our house.


pastedGraphic_1.pdfNow back at home… As you recall from the previous posts, we have been working on the guest bedroom and bathroom wall framing.  Due to an odd angle in our bathroom wall, we have to install the bathtub before we can finnish framing in the wall.  So we ordered our “dream” tub.  It is a 66” soaking tub.  We also decided to go with adding the Thermal Air Hydrotherapy option with heated back and headrest. This is a bit of an extravagance and we may have to rent out the tub to help pay for it but in the long run, I know we will appreciate having it. (As will our guests.)


While waiting for the tub to be delivered, we started work on the wall that will house the electrical box.  Soon we will be able to pull the main power line in from the meter .

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