Well, and West Wing Work

Santa brought us a new air compressor for our “air lift” well pump  so we decided to give our well head and compressor a dry place to live.You may recall the boat pilot house we were using for a tool shed up next to the house.  Now that it is not needed anymore, its new purpose will be to protect our well head and air compressor. First we built up a base for it.  Then Dozy got a bit of a workout.The pilot house is made out of very thick aluminum so there is no way that Jeff and I could have lifted it ourselves to place on the base.  So Dozy to the rescue.  With that done (taking advantage of the glorious weather), it was time to get inside and finally start working on our “West Wing”First up was working on the wall that separates the master bedroom from the bathroom.








In keeping with our “minimal straight wall” philosophy, we just had to add a slight bend to the bedroom wall.  It’s a little bit difficult to see it in these pictures but it really helps define the space.  It was great to make some real progress after weeks of “other diversions” like a busy job schedule and the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

Well it’s been a while since we have posted any updates on our site.  November & December have been very busy for work (just not on the house).  So I’m afraid that has not been too much progress.We did however have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with over 20 guests.  Which proved the benefits of having an open floor plan and much of our furniture on wheels.Christmas has been a little quieter.  We got our tree from the side of our hill, (our own Christmas tree farm).  It’s great being able to have a 12′ tall tree in the house.  We did manage to get some electrical work done and plasterboard up on the Pantry wall.We are looking forward to working on the Master Bedroom “Wing” as we move into the New Year.

Cheers to all.