Shed Mitosis (or is that Meiosis)

Now that we no longer need our 20 foot metal shed to store lumber (milled from our own trees), we thought we would double the usefulness of that big shed.

With the help of a counter-rotating metal cutting circular saw, and of course, Dozy.The first half nearly in place behind our pump house.  This will become Dozy’s new home and a covered workspace.  We will end up putting up a solid back and a large door on the front.  The other half of the big shed will get moved to the west side of our building site (near the septic tank), to become our firewood storage.

Here I am pulling the second half of the shed over to where it will become our firewood storage.  Unfortunately, Dozy broke down before we got it into place and will be a couple of weeks before Dozy is up and running again. :-(

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