In Doors and Outdoors

After numerous coats of Shellac stain, we installed the door to our master bedroom.  Below, we have framed in the “doorway” to the walk-in, walk outdoors shower.  And speaking of outdoors,  we are starting to prepare for external stucco.There are two layers of 1 inch foam on the outside of our retaining walls.  The outer layer, which has been exposed to the elements for several years now, has been held on with rusty wire and lath boards.  Removing all that gives us a layer of “fresh” foam that is well stuck to the concrete underneath.  Here Jeff is meticulously cutting off all the bits of rusty wire.  It is on this inner layer of foam that the stucco will be applied to (over a fiberglass mesh).  It’s exciting to get started on this part of our home project.

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