Big Day on the Hill

Jeff and I have been partnered for nearly 24 years.  It is a true test of a relationship spending nearly 6 years in a leaky trailer while building our dream home in the hill. Not to mention all the monumental challenges of taking on such a project.  Though our house is not yet finished (is any house building project ever finished?), we were able to fulfill another dream.. And that was to be able to be married (legally as a same sex couple), in our own amazing house.  Circumstances were a bit last minute but with my mother and two brothers and my son visiting for Thanksgiving we decided to tie the proverbial knot.

Wednesday, November 26 with a few dear friends and family in attendance, the rainy skies cleared and gave us a glorious day for the event.We are sorry that more friends and family couldn’t attend but we will make up for that when we host a huge “Anniversary” party in April of 2016 which will mark Jeff and I being together for 25 years.  Everyone’s invited!

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