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  1. I’m so impressed with your work and commitment – your house project is being an inspiration to follow. And watching it becoming a home is a beautiful experience.

  2. Ha, ha, funny about the stove!
    This journey of yours is absolutely fascinating to me. I love all the technical details, and would like to build an off the grid earth-sheltered tiny home one day. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences on your blog.

  3. I have been dreaming of building an earth sheltered home for 6 years. I have looked at the “dome” type like yours and the “modules” with dome roofs. I was interested in why you went with the dome. We are in the process of trying to proceed and just don’t know which building type to go with.

    • Hi Renee, We had considered (and designed) several very different housed based on different alternative building technologies. In the end the land dictated what “It” wanted. Plus we wanted to have a sustainable, super efficient and low maintenance home with a 900 year lifespan.

  4. Hello there my husband and I stumbled on your amazing home today, I made him drive up your driveway because I was so amazed at its beauty! He was freaking out and I was secretly hoping you would come outside because I am so amazed at the cool structure. I searched for your home online and found your website, and again was awed because I love dragon flies. I have a tattoo of one on my foot. They are a wondrous creature. Anyways, I wanted to drop by and say hello. = ) And let you know you made me smile, thank you.


  5. Hi Steve & Jeff! Steve, I heard you are no longer working at the printing place. You probably won’t recall who I am, but you’ve had a hand in helping me prepare my children to meet me and my husband–their adoptive parents–by printing out collages for their photo books. You were a great help! Thanks!

    I drove along Yaquina Bay Road, today, as I headed back from an appointment in Toledo (I live in Waldport). It is one of my favorite drives and I don’t get to take it that often. As I always do when I’m on that drive, I looked over at your house. It had been a long time since I’ve seen it. Wow! It is really embedded into the earth now! Way cool! The green “grass” that surrounds it looks lovely from the road.

    I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so I thought I would try to find your blog online tonight. I’m so glad I came upon it. I’ve enjoyed looking at the photos and reading about the progression of this amazing work of art and love! I am so impressed and inspired by what you’ve done, and how you’ve maintained your relationship in the process! 😉

    Your home is just lovely. I am looking forward to watching more of its unfolding. Keep on!

    Dana Lucas

  6. spent all day reading your blog, and looking at the pictures, fantastic, what a beautiful exciting journey your both on, love it xx

  7. Wow! Thanks to all of you who have posted such nice comments about our home. It’s been an adventure for sure, (and sometimes, a trial), but Steve and I really appreciate your words of encouragement.

  8. Wow! Lovely synchronicities in your story and comments about building your home and my experience w/ preparing to build an earth sheltered home with my husband. We played with different designs and then the land dictated what we would do. Now we are waiting for permission, weather and funds to build what we have been visioning for almost 5 years! The concept sketch hangs on the wall in the 700 sq foot home we share with our 2 kids full time and 4 kids part time. I spend time just gazing at the yard and imagining the changes that are going to come and craving the home that I can fit in. Your pictures are so encouraging!
    And was that a Car Talk reference with the 30″ Electric Induction Range request?! :) You guys seem like your having great fun and have not given up after a long process so thanks for the dose of inspiration.

    • Good luck on your project. Stay strong, have a sense of humor, keep one eye on the big picture, one eye on today’s task and your third eye on the ones you love!

  9. Hello there. Wonderful work, skills, and spirit. What process did you follow to let the land decide what type of home was the most appropriate to build? Kind of a big question, I know… but I would love to hear your thought process and how it turned into deciding…and then building. Thank you so much for posting this on the internet. My best wishes for everything!

    • Hi Laura
      The building site is almost perfectly circular with a nearly 360 degree view (except for some visual obstruction on the north side). To us, that indicated curves and slopes, rather than rectangles and square walls. We even designed a few circular and torus-shaped structures before deciding on the one we built. Some of the more radical designs were just too expensive/difficult for us to build and finance ourselves.
      The three large openings on the east, west and south sides are almost all glass and bring the outside inside. Sometimes when we have all the sliding glass doors and windows open, it feels like were camping in a big tent!
      On the more practical side, we also wanted to build something that was both durable and low maintenance. The bermed design seemed to fulfill both needs.
      Hope that helps.

  10. Wow! It sure has progressed since we saw it last. I can’t wait to see the fireplace hearth photos. Hopefully when we return to Toledo in June we can stop by again to see your progress. We’ll bring another bottle of wine!

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