All Tanked Up, or “What’s that up ahead Marge?”

Since we seem to be faced with a resurgence of winter weather, Jeff and I decided to head into the Valley and pick up our new water tank.  We are currently using a temporary 250 gallon tote for our water system.  A larger tank will be more convenient.


It must have been a curious site to the drivers behind us on the road as this 1550 gallon tank is a few feet wider than our Subaru Baja. All they could see is what looked like a self propelled tank.  It’s very bulky but surprisingly light (212 lbs) and was easy to load and unload from our utility trailer.




This current rain storm feels like February with a cold, persistent downpour.  Last night, Jeff and I experienced the Oregon Water Torture: two new leaks in our trailer just above the bed.  Around 4 in the morning we had to move to the couch.  There is now a tarp over part of the trailer until it dries out enough to patch up.  Oh the joys of trailer life.


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