Towing the Line

Last week we ran  the water line from our well to the tank up the hill and a return line back down to the trailer.  This weekend we set up a temporary line to the building site to provide water during construction.  There was a 100 foot section of 1 1/2” pipe that  was stored along side the driveway for the last year or so.  Grass and shrubs had grown around it making it impossible for Jeff and I to get it unstuck.  Once again Dozy came to the rescue.




After connecting the various supply lines and valves, we were ready to fill the tank.  With 1550 gallons to go, it took just over 4 hours to fill.  Our temporary water system down by the trailer is now disconnected and the water pressure from the gravity feed is great. There is also an improvised sink and hose spigot down by the building site.  Oh the joys of running water!




And now for something completely different.  Jeff has been placing various steel objects on our concrete floor.  The resulting rust stain art is fun and interesting.





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