Tall, Dark & Handsome….. The wall I mean.

With all the Holiday festivities, pastedGraphic.pdfthere has been little time to work on the house. We did however start on building the interior walls around the guest bedroom.


We had hoped to get the North wall foamed in, (filling the voids between the metal studs with spray foam) but when the foam guys came with their big trailer, they couldn’t get up the driveway.  Unfortunately that was the last day of a long beautiful dry spell.  We will now have to wait until we have several non rainy days before they can attempt doing the job. Our usual winter weather is now back with a vengeance with driving rain and 60 – 80 mph wind gusts.


At least Christmas Eve was glorious and we had a wonderful party up in the house with the fire blazing and great friends, family & food.


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