Just Ahead of the Drops (of rain)

The rain is back and looks like it will be around for a most of the coming week.  I can’t say we are too happy about it but I think the school of salmon fry that ended up in our little pond after a particularly high tide, are happy with the extra water.




We did manage to get a couple of projects done.  If you recall the little foam blocks we made from a previous post,  Jeff made good use of them.  In places where the foam forms are touching the rebar, he put a block to act as a spacer.  Jeff then tightened any loose wires supporting the foam.  This pulled it back towards the rebar in places where the gap was too deep.


Dozy got a good workout this weekend hauling sand and railroad ties up the steep bank behind the building site.  We will be placing our 1550 gallon water tank up amongst the trees at the top of the hill.  But first we need to make a flat level “bed” for it to sit on.  It would have been a challenge to haul 3 yards of sand up the steep hill by hand in buckets and nearly impossible to get the RR ties up there.  Dozy is a wonderful little workhorse.






We were planning on having a bunch of friends show up on Memorial Day to help roll the big tank up the hill.  But it is now a muddy slippery slope so we will have to wait for it to dry out.


Note about the picture of Jeff.  You may recall me telling you about my “indestructible” Motorola camera phone a while back.  Well there is a crack in the glass top that goes over the lens part of the phone.  It sometimes produces unusual effects in the pictures I take.


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