Two Ropes that went Bump in the Night

Winter weather is not going quietly into the night and continues to hang heavy over the Oregon Coast.  This has been frustrating for Jeff and me as it has caused considerable construction delays.  We have had so much rain and the ground is so saturated that it will be many weeks before we can get concrete trucks up the driveway.  We also need a spell of dry weather to finish putting up the forms for the shell of our house.

To make matters worse, the trailer that we are living in keeps developing new leaks.  The latest: several places in the bedroom area.  We put a tarp over that part of the trailer but when the the wind kicks up, the flapping of the tarp and the slapping of the tie ropes against the side of the trailer are just as bad as the “Oregon Water Torture.”

Anyway, enough of my cabin fever rant.

I must say that we are blessed and grateful to live on our property while we build our house.  It is so beautiful here.  When the weather is clear you will rarely find us inside. It’s a treat just to walk down the driveway and pick up the mail. Or watch the osprey hunt for fish in the marsh from our vantage point atop Dragonfly Hill.

As we build our dream, one of  things that makes it easier is the wonderful response we are getting about our endeavor.  It has been great hearing from friends, family, and even total strangers who are following the progress of building our earth sheltered home.  The responses have all been very positive and we love to share our experiences with you.  That is why we created this web site. Those of you new to our site, be sure to check out the Archives to get the full scope of our project.

So keep those e-mails coming in ( or better yet, add your comments to our building blog and garden journal.  Or even better still, send a note taped to the bumper of a new Dutchman Grand Junction 5th wheel trailer, with 4 slide-outs, king size bed, “Cedar Suite” walk-in closet, Corian countertops and a fireplace.  We will only need to borrow it for another year or so.

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You have a stranger-friend living here in Waldport who thinks of you every time she sees the rain blowing horizontally up the street! Am enjoying watching your progress — kudos to the both of you.
Saturday, June 5, 2010 – 12:30 PM
Congratulations there guys, sorry the weather has been such a drag for you and your progress.  We will check in often to see how it goes.
Saturday, June 5, 2010 – 12:57 PM
happy sweeping!
Saturday, June 5, 2010 – 07:53 PM
Derik Keith
HAHA!  I love your blog.  Found it today and have been reading every word from the begining.  Very captivating.  Heck I’m even taking notes…  We are in the planning stage of building a Formworks in Oklahoma.  I wish you the very best and enjoy you sharing with the world.  Take care and keep up the good work.

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